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**NEW!!!  We have a new time and order of events for the children!

Please take the time to read the new format! 

Kids Bible Fellowship: This begins at 9:00. You may check your child in and they will be shown to their class.  Please pick up your children at 9:45.   

Children’s Church: For the 10:00 service, check your child in at the First Kids Welcome Center and then bring your child with you to the gym for the service.  Prior to the message, Pastor John will dismiss the children to their classes.  Please pick them up at the Welcome Center immediately following the service.





Regular Schedule:

  • 9:00 – Kids Bible Fellowship: Using The Gospel Project, the kids learn the Bible chronologically – not just as a collection of stories, but as a unified story that points to God’s plan of rescuing the world through Jesus.
  • 10:00 – Children’s Church

Check your children in each Sunday at the First Kids Welcome Center!

easter-walk-12Your child will be shown to their classroom.


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