Contact List

Children’s Pastor: Ethan Johnston

Sunday Mornings

Age 4-Kindergarten – KBF : Shana Brown and Angela Giupponi (even months), Bert and Laura Guerette (odd months)

Age 4-Kindergarten – Children’s Church : Nicole and Maddie Sheranko (even months), Karen Reimers and Chris Burke (odd months)

Grades 1-2 – KBF : Russ and Johnelle Laamanen

Grades 1-2 – Children’s Church (second service) : Joel Reimers (odd months), Eric Johnson (even months)

Grades 3-5 – KBF : Dan Kaeble and Marc Giupponi

Grades 3-5 – Children’s Church : Carolyn Dancy (even months), Kevin Ramsdell (odd months)



Commander: Matt Currier

Secretary: Johnelle Laamanen

Cubbies: Renee Chisholm and Sara Victor

Sparks: Kathy Reimers

T&T: Faith Michalek and Kris

Games: Jeremiah  Boulter


Summer Events

Camp: Jim O’Hara

VBS: Alyssa Rhodes

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